Compare and Contrast

It's the end of summer rush and everything seems to be happening at once. The garden is urgently spitting out produce. We have an obscene number of winter squash. Our near future certainly holds risotto and soup. Chard's doing well. As are okra, zucchini, carrots, beets. Too numerous to mention.

And the berries. Oh yes... the berries. These are the first that have made it into the house. A two-year-old berry fiend generally consume every available as it comes off the cane. Some are even consumed a little prematurely.
"Sour", he says, smiling sweetly and reaching for another.

Back to the baby socks. Here they are, side by side, old (above) and new (below). The new version with the ribbing are much more functional. Really don't fall off baby feet. The old version have a much nicer sculptural shape. Their striping pattern is more pleasing. Plus, everything looks better photographed on our old faded picnic table and deck :-)

Sock Wars registration is now closed now (over 700 participants!) and we've gotten our material assignments. I've never before knit socks with anything but fingering weight yarn so am enthusiastic about knitting with DK. Pattern distributed near months end. I'm anxious and eager.

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