Here it is!

Welcome to 2008! I resolve to keep my neck warm.

Pattern: Cherry Garcia
Yarn: my own handspun from Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club November 2007 "Pie for Everyone" 4 oz Falkland Wool plied with BlueBells 95% Cormo and 5% Icicle from KnittyGritty in her Etsy shop

Here she is flat. Love the color transitions. Love using my handspun. Love how quickly this knit. Love it love it love it.

Had a little yarn leftover so made a Wristy Garcia for my rollergirl friend with ultrafresh style.


Handspun from Hello Yarn Fiber Club November 2007

Superwash Corriedale Wool Top

353 yardssporet weight at 12 wpi

My thinnest yarn yet!!!


2oz. brown cashmere 50/Tussah 50

Dyed by me with Landscapes Elements dyes.

Spun into 41 yards DK weight at 11wpi

Unbelievably soft.

Too bad I won't be spinning anymore cashmere.


Handspun from minibatts at Knitty Gritty's etsy shop

70 yards worsted weight at 10 wpi

95% Cormo and 5% Icicle

Navajo plyed (yipee!)

Jessicah sent me the most spectacular package!!

Pineapple lumps are a cruel sweet mistress. There were two bags (note: past tense).
I have consumed both. No regrets either.

Supremely gorgeous fabric!

She made these great ornaments. Straight to our tree they went.

And she printed the most adorable Pavlova recipe tea towel. She MUST make more of these. Can't wait to try the recipe.

Wonder if you can bake them EZ Bake style?


Knittingcaboodle said...

Cute neckwarmer! Your yarns are lovely as always. Happy New Year!

Lindsey said...

I love a quick, satisfying, completely made by hand project!

Also, can I just say, when I saw the "Toxic" yarn I actually said, "oooooh!" out loud! Soooo pretty!!

Chickenbells said...

E-Gads girl! Keeping your neck warm is going to be wonderfully easy with that wonderful piece...drool.

Plus? All the other yarn and the fabu package? How lovely indeed...As is baking sugary snacks using only a light bulb (I never could get anything to turn out in the Easy Bake...sigh)

Christina Marie said...

I love the neckwarmer! The yarn is simply gorgeous.

tiennie said...

Fantastic! Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for linking to the story about the Chinese cashmere industry...I'm currently frogging a cashmere sweater I bought at a consignment shop--the only way I can afford cashmere yarn, really, but at least I'm not contributing firsthand to the desertification of Asia!

Katie said...

Wow, I LOVE how your "Pie" looks knitted up. So gorgeous.
"Toxic" is so pretty too, it really makes me want to join the Hello Yarn club but I am so behind with Spunky's, it's not even funny.
Happy New Year!

Heather said...

Your neck warmer is gorgeous and your handspun is fantastic. I am terrified of spinning; my family would never be fed or washed and I would be called that crazy old yarn lady (more than usual.)

Louise said...

I found your blog through Jessicah's SpinningAYarn blog. That neckwarmer is wonderful. And I love the package she sent you. The ornaments are printed with a pohutukawa flower - they are known as the New Zealand Christmas tree as they flower at this time of year. We have one in our backyard that is looking lovely at the moment.