Frosted Forest Bainbridge Scarf

From the Hello Yarn Fiber Club this is Frosted Forest, the December 2007 edition.

50/50 Soy Silk/Wool Top
spun into 256 yards of
2ply sport weight.

So soft!!!

The next round of sign ups for the club are this Friday. I'm definitely going for another double.

Immediately knit into Bainbridge Scarf.
Trying to chip away at my Ravelry queue.
More aspirations are added to the list than FOs are completed.

It's been ridiculously cold here for the last week and it's supposed to continue for some time.

Luckily, my feet are warmly ensconsed in these glorious socks - a supremely surpriseful Pay it Forward giftie from Death by Yarn. Aren't they spectacular?

And I had just laid out all my handknit socks to try to figure out darn darning. A hole in each heel. 5 pairs = 10 holes. These have saved me!

And I can still feel the glow from our TX visit. Miss Julie and I had a wonderful time hanging out with 10% and SWMBO.

Boots were gotten. These are Andeson Bean red calf leather. Fit like a kick ass dream come true. Another pair being re-lasted so they fit perfectly.

Tattoos were gotten too. Not yet ready for prime-time. As soon as they heal up though. Let's just say I keep hearing a lovely warm buzz...

It's a damn turkey parade around here. Swear to the Sweet Mother of Tasty Yarn Cakes that there were 70+/- in the next field this morning.

Cast on for a b-day sweater for sweet Z. Top down raglan. Wonder if I should have given myself more than 2 weeks?

Lightning fingers off to knit. Hope you all stay warm!


Katie said...

Oh wow, that yarn into scarf looks fantastic! Love your boots...reminds me of the red boots I had when I was 5.

Sasha said...

More beautiful handspun into another lovely scarf! The color progressions are so great.

Chickenbells said...

Now that is a great scarf design indeed! And a pair of socks? Who's the lucky one then?! I swear, I almost hate to wear mine because I want to keep them perfect...that's a little silly! I can't wait to see the new ink either...

cosymakes said...

yeehaw! great BOOTS! and that sweater's going to be a vision when it's done.

Lindsey said...

That scarf (and the yarn it was made from) is breathtaking, really. Those stripes are absolutely to die for. And the colors? I'm literally swooning over here.

You are making it very, very hard to resist the temptation to get a wheel. Very hard indeed.

Monika said...

Love your lovely handspun knits! Wild turkeys? Only know butterball. :o)

bigbucketgirl said...

"Cast on for a b-day sweater for sweet Z. Top down raglan." You make it sound as simple as breathing! Oh to have your skill! I love that scarf...fabulous design. If only knitting didn't give me hives and make me drink more wine!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Mmmmmm, I don't even wear leather and those boots have me drooling.

Yeah, those turkeys are a hearty bunch, aren't they? We saw about 20 by an old run-down house and my daughter was convinced they were pets.

Now, where is the new tattoo?


Argh! i wish i could make socks! i love socks! why can't i make socks??? )&=/()$$?$?

Knittymama said...

Gorgeous scarf. I'm kicking myself for again missing sign ups at Hello Yarn.

Anonymous said...

Ooh very pretty - I just love how you turn your handspun into such great projects, you have a wonderful vision for that! =) Me - I just stuff it in a corner ;)

NJStacie said...

LOVE that sweet sweet scarf - and that top-down raglan is already GORGEOUS. Mine's next, right?

ChezAristote said...

Man, this time I even got google calendar to remind me about Hello Yarn club and I STILL missed it. At least this time I missed it by only three hours. I keep seeing all the colors on your blog and feeling covetous.