Silky Neckerchief

From the yarn from the roving from 10%.
(Begat, begat, begat. Or something like that.)

Knit in stockinette on US9 needles to highlight the glossiness of the fibers.

It's a rectangle so when folded gives two nice little points on the back. The top of one shows knit-side and the other purl. So pleased with those contrasting textures.

So happy with the drape of the fabric.
This must be some mutant antigravity yarn because it weighs less than nothing.

Here's the blocking shot. The whole thing's about 16x21".

Really intrigued by the color progression. Love how those ochre and purple bands just occur once.

Thanks 10%! I'm keeping this one. My warm neck will be my reminder of you all winter long. :-)

October's Edition of Spunky Club is Goblin Eyes - 4oz. of Romney Wool. Mwah-ha-ha.

More spinning. This fiber was a gift from Jessicah. Thanks! What a yield. 280 yards of Worsted Weight Wool!! I can make something BIG!

Took the last remaining bobbin for another pass at Navajo Plying. Progress. The key?

Hit The Fiber Studio today. me = beside + self + joy
Go visit Pam. You will not be sorry.

Your pocket will also thank you if it's goal is to be relieved of all it's money.
Cashmere/Tussah Blend, Cultivated Silk, and Yak Top. That plus Dyes.
For Halloween I'm going as a Mad Scientist.

Inspired, I fear, by the mass retailers, Z has released his Xmas list pre-Halloween this year. His scribe was a 1st-grader friend. Suspiciously, item #10 appears in the hand of nuttnhubby. Who's list is this? :-)

Hope everyone has great tricks and treats tonight!


Ali said...

I'm so glad you mentioned that Mr Z had a scribe - I had him pegged for a child genius when I saw his penmanship.

Not that he isn't a child genius, of course.
I'm sure you must have some sort of best-dressed-neck award by now.

Chickenbells said...

Trick or Treat...I love the weight of the yarn for the neckerchief...I noticed that first off...it must have been like knitting with spiderwebs (and perfect for the holiday, no?) Love the Xmas list too...it's never to early for the list...and apparently never too late for the childhood...lol!

Jessicah said...

What a beautiful scarf- I think I had a dream about a square scarf last night because it all feels so oddly familiar! And that wool spun up real nice well done you! Big ups on the navajo- I never had any luck and so never persevered, but spinning off the last of the bobbin is a perfect way to practise! Will be trying that one. Next I expect to see a multicoloured fibre spun and navajo plied to reatin the colour changes..... (just kidding but I've always thought of that to be the ultimate in navajo plying!)

Katie said...

There's something to be said for simply knitting a square. It looks beautiful.

Your Navajo plying is definitely look better. I want to try it on my spindle, but so far the videos I've watched have me slightly confused.

tiennie said...

Pretty pretty scarf! Love that list!