Just back from a glorious trip to my home state where I got to hang with my bro and sister-in-law - SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) - for most of the weekend. Super fun. Sushi and wine.

Glad I'll get to see them again in about a month when La Familia visits nuttncasa (aka the Nutt House) for Thanksgiving!

Knit this pair of Fetching for him.

Pattern: Fetching
Needles: US 6 DPN
Yarn: Lavish Bulky 100% Superfine Alpaca
Duration: 2 days

This yarn was a gift from 10% and I was happy to transform and return. Every once in a while he'll call to say "Hey, the Alpaca Fairy left a package for you."
I love my brother!
**and not just b/c he gives great presents**

Check the Fingerless Mitts for Fall KAL for more pics and info.

Another Herringbone Scarf. This from the Treat Merino I spun from the Hello Yarn Fiber. Lovely stuff.
Destined as a gift for my office United Way Campaign drawing. Next time I knit one of these I'm slipping the first stitch on each row for a nicer edge.

Enrolled in the next batch of Hello Yarn Fiber Club. I'm greedy so I supersized. Open enrollment starts today. You know you want to.

Loving those color progressions.

Another gift from 10%. Man - I'm spoiled.

Dyed silk. NOT dachshund hair - as I first imagined based on the enclosed card announcing the sale of "Home Raised" longhaired miniature dachshunds (as opposed to Factory Farmed, I guess). My disappointment tempered only by the beauty of this fiber.

As soon as my bobbins are cleared of their current contents I'll spin this. Never spun silk before and really looking forward to trying it. May be a good opportunity to try Navajo Plying.

Had a bunch of the Colinette Jitterbug left over so made another pair of Mini Mitts.
Score another point for the Fingerless Mitts for Fall KAL.


Guinifer said...

I really like the way your Jitterbug knit up.

Jessicah said...

What stunning silk- and by the looks , what alot of it! (BTW I haven't got your goodies in the mail yet- still looking around for some peices of kiwi culture to include! You'll have detoxed by the time you get the loot at this rate!)

Sasha said...

You know I want to! I was just saying, now where would I get my hands on some nice spinning fiber?

oneredboot said...

thanks so much for your nice note on my blog--i'm so sorry i've been MIA! i'm taking my exams soon and have been consumed by studying. i'm planning to have an update posted this weekend. thanks so much for stopping by my blog despite my absence! your work lately is gorgeous--love the mitts. and your spinning is progressing so quickly!!

keri said...

Your mits are gorgeous and I just love your beautiful scarf. I love the way you used your handspun in your projects, it's so motivating to me to actually knit up some of mine! =)

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oooo, are you hosting Thanksgiving? Hope you share your recipes here!

I first thought the top photo was you and gasped at your, um, hairiness. Glad to read that those were man-arms.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oooo, are you hosting Thanksgiving? Hope you share your recipes here!

I first thought the top photo was you and gasped at your, um, hairiness. Glad to read that those were man-arms.

tiennie said...

Love your FOs! I've finished a few fingerless mitts too. Now, to only find time to take pics and blog about them.

Dawn said...

you been one busy rabbit!

now tag...run off to my blog like a nice girl and play 8 random things....once I get the post up that is.

(and I promise to work on the band thing...he does like to hit things really hard in a repetitive manner so there's some hope.)

Knittymama said...

Yo've been busy! Wish I had an alpaca fairy:-)

I NEED to be in the Hello Yarn fiber club.

laura said...

Your mitts are inspiring me just like your berets have (I just finished a purl beret but am waiting for free time and lack of gloom to happen at the same time for a photo session with some good natural light). I think I may need some matching mitts to go with it. :)

Your handspun projects are always so fabulous too. sigh

Chickenbells said...

Loving the mitts..mini and otherwise! The yarn's not so darned bad either...

Katie said...

I love all your mitts! I didn't know about the Fall Fingerless Mitts KAL. I'm in desperate need of some and I've been having trouble finding inspiration and patterns that I like. And that silk is gorgeous!

Catherine Kerth said...

love that kitterbug ;) fetching looks awesome too! glad you had a good trip!

Christina Marie said...

I'm diggin those green fetchings! They're next on my queue, and yours have only further inspired me to get them on the needles. Lovely!!