Seriously, I don't know what I did before the Hello Yarn Fiber Club.
The October 2007 offering - Baked Alaska.

Gorgeous colors and such nice, soft wool. All during the spin I kept drifting off, dreaming of fluffy meringues.

She's a Bulky yarn, perhaps destined to become a hat. It's back on the Fingerless Mitts bus after this (have 3 pairs cast on at this moment) so I'll have to wait a bit.

There was a tiny bit left on the bobbin after plying so I gave Navajo Plying a stab. Please, be gentle with me.

Also spun the silk that 10% gifted whilst visiting Tejas. He was in NYC for a conference and I had to call him as soon as the spinning was spun. This is madness. SO soft, So ephemeral. Now cast on for a delicate little scarfy wisp.

Check out Plum Crazy Ranch and get yourself some of this goodness.

The skein of singles.

Can you see the sheen? The drape?

When it was wound into a little yarn cake I wanted to take it home and feed it graham crackers before tucking it gently into bed.
Too bad all the yarn cake pics were blurry.

My first Cascade 220 arrived.
Z picked the colors for new mittens.
A pair each for the cousins too.

Last year he asked for a pair of "snow white mittens" like Nicky gets in The Mitten. They were white for about 3.5 seconds. This year we're starting with deep colors.

'Tis the season for the orange masses of glowing glory. In turns each pumpkin claimed by nuttnhubby, Z, and myself.

Tomorrow is PxTx! Spent a good part of today with Miss Julie shopping and prepping. Full rundown next post.


tiennie said...

Yummy yarns!

Jessicah said...

Lovely pumpkins. I have never carved a pumpkin- I woundeer what it is like?! I think the one with all the eyes is great :) And am in awe of all the spinning you manage to get done! It all looks good enough to eat. Speaking of which I think we are almost good to go on the oackage from NZ!

Jessica said...

That pink yarn is *so* cute! I bet it's all soft and squishy too.

Jennifer said...

Now that there is some yarn pr0n... Gorgeous stuff!

laura said...

Yum, yum, yum... your bulky handspun is luscious!

D and I both said "awwww" to Z wanting white mittens like Nikki. The Bud likes that book too.

katie said...

Your handspun is fabulous as always. And I love the colors Z chose for his mittens!

The pumpkins are great. I think yours is my favorite :)

keri said...

Yummy - baked alaska! The colors are texture are just amazing!