R & R

We'll be very very busy next week :-)

Our destination profiled in the issue of Cookie (God, knows why I continue to receive this totally insane magazine) that arrived in my mailbox Saturday! They do have some good articles, recipes, and crafts.

But the shopping is completely over the top.

As is the "cool" factor.

I say embrace the frugal geek factor. Who's with me?


keri said...

Looks Yummy!

Ali said...

I don't think I can speak to you - too envious. Tell me, what's hip beach-wear for a cool frugal geek these days?

Have a fantastic time won't you.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

OH! Can't I come along? I'll hide really small in your luggage.

Looks awesome---have a wonderful time! And, did you have to say the word 'cookie'? Mmmmm. . .cookies. . .

capello said...

i picked up that magazine once because i was smitten with something on the cover.

good. gravy.

even if i had money, lots and lots of money, there's no way i'd be paying four hundred dollars for my child one play outfit. that was the first and last time i even looked at that magazine.

tiennie said...

Have a great time! So so jealous!