90 degrees

90 degrees is what I gained in one 3-hour flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix. You've got to love a well-timed, well-located business trip. Fool husband declined the invitation to bring the short one and tag along.

Upon return a report on:

Success of a tractor cake.
New Yarn of the Month Dispatch.


tiennie said...

Have a good time!

beki said...

Whoa! Look at that cake ;-)

keri said...

Have a good trip!

capello said...

i could totally use some heat. gah.

*love* the cake!

jennpal said...

HI there, What an awesome cake! I wish that I had a piece here in brooklyn! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice welcome note. This blogging thing is fun!

YogaGardenGirl said...

Absolutely LOVE the tractor cake! What a lucky boy!!!

Cathy said...

That cake is awesome but not nearly as dear as the boy behind it! Have a great trip!