Hearty Heartkins

Beautiful flowers from Hubby yesterday. I heart him.

We three traded cards and candies. The card Hubby gave me plays "Wild Thing" and Z enjoys an accompanying interpretive dance. A real showman.

If I figure out how to get the blasted videocamera onto the computer I promise to share. A veritable living room moshpit/Martha Graham.

Some Knitty Gritty Goodness from Keri. See that touch of pink in the roving? Notice the sinful alpaca yarn? Adore the lovely little lined bag (of which I was unable to get an interior shot showing the perfect contrasting fabric and pockets)!! What a total joy!

A little post V-Day mush here: What a great community this is...

Thank you Keri - shipping a little something your way tomorrow. :-)

Now - who has advice on hand dyes and spinning? Think I need a drop spindle and would like some recommendations. And dyeing - before or after spinning? I need your knowledge, please.

Swatches of YOTM complete. All knit to projected gauge this time.

(reporting clockwise from bottom left)

The Aurora 8 is very tubular, which I like. Super soft but I'm not wild about the colors in the variegates. Lots of choices in the solids, though.

Soft Tweed by RYC is delicious for a chunkier knit. The most complex composition. Beautiful, subdued colors.

Country by Rowan. Superchunky. Knits so quickly. The colors are subtle, to say the least, but I think that's a Rowan thing. "Birch" is a beautiful colorway.

And lastly, the come-from-behind-kid. This Smooth DK by King Cole really surprised me. Don't usually go for the "un-naturals" (call me a snob if you must) - but this stuff was great. Would be perfect for someone with wool sensitivities.

All four had wonderful stitch definition and I enjoyed swatching them. Not sure I'll be using them in the future though. All in all - good learning and good fun. I really do recommend the YOTM club.

Bottom left here is the baby shrug on which I posted last go-round. Love the vintage patterns. Have made good progress and anticipate finishing this weekend. Think I may add some embroidery along the collar or bottom edge. Again, advice and/or opinions welcome.

Also got the yarn to make the little cape in the middle. Light green for MC and the light brown for the CC. These Plassard patterns are adorable! Made the little kimono sweater on bottom left last year and it was dreamy.

Just pulled a Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte from the oven. My Firm holds a fundraising auction during the Holidays and I offered up a cake. Delivery is tomorrow.

Seriously, this thing is built from 1 lb. of bittersweet choco, 1/2 lb. butter, and 6 eggs. God help us all.


Ali said...

Chocolate oblivion sounds a really good idea! And your flowers are lovely.

I have no advice whatsoever on dyes or spinning tough - sorry.

Cathy said...

Pretty flowers!
I have used the King Cole before and, like you, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was.
It looks like we are going to get to look at some cute baby knits soon!

keri said...

Beautiful flowers!

You have all sorts of good things in this post, I love the swatch of a month and the baby stuff is just too cute!

tiennie said...

Yay goodies!!!

Sarah said...

Oh my! Those vintage patterns are wonderful. Where'd you find them?

nuttnbunny said...

Got the vintage patterns in thrift shops and off ebay. Happy to share - they're so old there are no copyright issues.

Anonymous said...

Love those vintage baby patterns!

Jessicah said...

oooh I'm on your blog roll...exciting!

Spinning....I've never used a spindle so would have to say, in a totally unbiased way of course....GET A WHEEL!!! I know that in NZ you can pick them up for about NZ$50 all the time in perfect working order, Ashford Traditional, so surely you can get them where you are?
And as for dying it depends what effect you are going for, if you are going to ply, all sorts of things. I'm not an expert, my suggestion would be to get a book from your library!