What rhymes with Penguin?

Basketweave Cowl

Pattern: modified version of the PurlBee Basketeweave Scarf

Yarn: River's Edge - nuttnbunnyspunme dk
113 yards navajo plyed

Warmy Neckerson

Pattern: my own

Yarn: Vineyard - nuttnbunnyspunme dk
cashmere/tussah 50/50
nuttnbunnydyedme too :-)

Love that carved stone button.

Little Penguin

Pattern: my own improvisation
I took notes as I went and will try to put it all together in a pattern.

Yarn: River's Edge - nuttnbunnyspunme fingering
168 yards 2 ply

nuttnhubby said I really captured that "penguin essence". Hmmm....

Mowl (that's a Man Cowl) :-)

Pattern: Gloria Cowl

Yarn: Sterling - nuttnbunnyspunme fingering

Notes: Multipurpose. He can wear it around his neck too.

Happy Fathers' Day! xoxo...

Still life with snakes.

Z's play is becoming more and more enchanting. I love stumbling upon these little scenarios. I think I'll start capturing the images, fill in the narrative and make them into a children's book. :-)

More images of everything on Flickr.


Ali said...

I think the Mowl could catch on!

Chickenbells said...

That is indeed one cute penguin.

And this is further evidence of the truth of why it isn't safe to travel the rails...very BIG snakes.

tiennie said...

I love it - mowl! Cute penguin and pretty knits!

I really do wonder what the kids are thinking sometimes when I run across their projects/games.

Katie said...

Haha, love the Mowl. Latley I've been trying to convince my SO that cowls/neckwarmers a good idea. He was eyeing a neckwarmer I finished recently (similar to your Warmy Neckerson)...not his colors, but I immediately offered to make him one.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I'd love to read a children's book written by you! I like saying Mowl as I scratch the air like a cat.

Monika said...

I'm in love with your penguin! Soooo very cute. :o)

Jean Pitman said...

I cannot think of any word in English or Finnish that rhymes with penguin.

jenfromRI said...

Capturing those "still lifes" (lives?) in a photo book is such a great idea. Ask him when he's older if he remembers what the heck the game was.

Dawn said...

1) Mowl = genius.

2) I here-by name you Empress of Neck Warming Things.

FruteJuce said...

That penguin is really cute. The colours of yarn you are using are really nice too.