The same, only different

This week was a study in doing the same thing twice.

This is my head... This is my head emerging from a chrysalis.

Pattern: Balsam

Modifications: Knit an abbreviated version casting on 90 stitches and working 2.5 pattern repeats for a cowl.

Yarn: nuttnbunnyspunme dk
Insect Wings
from Hello Yarn Fiber Club
February 2008

And a twin. Now, why would I need two of these? Hmmm...

And the same in spinning.

River's Edge Fiber split and spun two ways.

This into 168 yards 2 ply at 15 wpi/fingering.

I have a new found love of plying from a center pull ball.

And the same fiber, other half.

Spun into 113 yards DK weight at 11 wpi navajo ply.

Related, yet different.

What it is. What it isn't. What it might be.
That's one for me to ponder all week. :-)


Monika said...

Love the cowls. The colors are just amazing. The yarn plied differently is a good idea, whatever it means.
About navajo plying. Can't video it, but I'll try to explain it. It might be, that I did it wrong the whole time. So, when I navajo plied at first I let the finished plied yarn be pulled in from the wheel, right out of my hands. Now I make the loop way bigger, and ply it up to my chest, without letting it wind on, only after the whole length is plied go my hands forward and the new yarn is wound on. Probably doesn't make sense, but I'm happy that I found a different way. It's not so much twisted now.

tiennie said...

Beautiful beautiful cowls!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a difference between the two plies! Beautiful wool and beautiful cowls.

Orinda5 said...

Now, why would I need two of these? Hmmm...

Yipee! Yipee!

Chickenbells said...

The cowls are lovely...

Katie said...

Such gorgeous colors! I can't decide which of those skeins I like better.

Sasha said...

Double loveliness!

Knittymama said...

I'm always amazed at the difference plying can make. i never would have guessed they were the same fiber. Lovely!

Jean Pitman said...

are you an aries pretending to be a gemini or what?!