It's snowing this morning. Just enough to be lovely. Poor little Ham (our cat) isn't wild about it. He wants to be out, but he really prefers to be in. I've tried to tell him that all the mice are sleeping but he doesn't seem convinved.

Heading over to London today for a training program. Without my guys until Saturday. Will miss them like crazy.

Been emailing with Ali and think I might be able to buy her a belated birthday drink. I met Ali through Swap-bot. The Kids Cooking swap was my first and I really enjoyed putting together a package for her and her boys.

This will be my first meeting of a friend from the blogosphere. I'm feeling a lot of pressure to be "interesting". Think I'll just stick with being my regular self. Pretty sure Ali will be fine with that :-)

Since I won't be able to post this week, keep yourselves occupied with the pure genius of Cute with Chris. His blog is also fantastic.


capello said...

love the light dusting of snow. it sure is pretty until you have to go somewhere. :-)

Cathy said...

Pretty snow! send some my way, ok?

Anonymous said...

wow snow, so wonderful!!!!!