Fetching Hat

Dulaan Fetching Hat
As with all hats I knit this was orginally intended for 10%.
Don't think it'll fit him.
Added an extra inch to the overall length and it still barely covers my ears.
May try it again adding more length.

It's really hard to take pics of your own head.

More Cyber Candycane. Brings the grand total to 316 yards. Should get 2+ stockings out of it.

Here's the first WIP. The foot looks a little too dainty so I'm making another one. May frog this one and redo. Or may leave it be, add the ribbon, and re-evaluate.

Here's Sterling. Spun up for the aforementioned ribbon.

200 yards
Aran Weight
spun from fiber purchased from Hello Yarn

Speaking of Hello Yarn, here's "Toxic" the November club edition.

Also Corriedale but in a Superwash.
Glad I enrolled in the double club.
Recent dreams of top down raglans.

Spunky Club gave us "Pie for Everyone". 4 oz of Falkland Wool which I'm tempted to spin on the beefy side and ply with...

3 oz. Bluebells - 95% Cormo Top with 5% icicle.
Will the lovely icicles get buried or will my vision of frosty berries reign?

Frosty, too, it has become.

Woo Hoo is the sound you would be hearing if you were here.


Dawn said...

you are seriously making it veeeeeery hard to not learn to spin. seriously.

and yep, my wahooooooooo joins yours. snow rocks.

laura said...

Your feet worked perfectly for scale in that photo - that's a big ol' skein. :)
Your spinning is always so impressive and beautiful.

That photo of Z on 10%'s blog is darn cute and funny at the same time. Love the expression.

10% said...

That Toxic looks nice. I especially like the bits with emergency orange. Tell Z to send some of that snow down to Austin, I'm always in need of a little (or big) wahoo.

Amy said...

Your yarn always looks so amazing. I love the colors that you produce!

Z looks so happy in the snow. It reminds me of when I was that age, and how winter was truly a wonderland. Every time I see a picture on your blog of him, it makes me smile, and helps me remember when the world was a little bigger and dreams were a little stronger. :-)

keri said...

Wow - that sterling color is just gorgeous - it shines in the snow!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Woo hoo indeed! Awesome photos and I am seriously jealous of your snow.

Jennifer said...

I bet the "Toxic" will look great after spinning. And probably in a completely unexpected way. Thanks for the roving pr0n!

tiennieknits said...

Look at all the knitterly loveliness!

Lindsey said...

Every time I look at your blog, I immediately look at my savings account and try to figure out how long it will be before I can buy my own wheel and learn to spin.

I absolutely LOVE the color of sterling, its such a pretty blue-gray.

We had a few snow flakes fall this morning, but it was so small you could barely tell. I'm rather jealous of all that snow!

Christina Marie said...

I love the green yarn you chose for this hat. Very emerald-y. Great photos of your own head, too! Wow.

Chickenbells said...

Wahooooo!! I love your snow...I wish I was there. I also love your hat...is is a wonderful color!!