Because he can.

Admit it. You would too if you had access to the equipment.


Come to Mama!

Shibori 04192009 update

Have you planned for Mothers' Day gifts?

A small update on my etsy shop. A few Shibori silk scarves.
This is another interesting way to explore the structure of color.

Enter "Come to Mama!" at checkout to recieve 15% off your order.


Bright Days

Synergy between spun yarn and the dyed eggs.

nuttnbunnyspunme Brights
356 yards, Aran weight, 2 ply

The wool is from Cherry Tree Hill and a pleasure to spin. A gift from 10%. (Thanks! xoxo...)
I've got designs on what to knit and for whom. Hee Hee. :-)

nuttnbunny and nuttnsonny handdyed eggs

Our fantastic colander method.

Super fast , super easy and super pretty. Super!

The egg hunt maniacs prepping for the frenzy.

Many eggs were found. Much candy was consumed. Serious fun was had. Success!!

Remembering the weather at Easter last year. This year is much more civilized.


Can I watch a movie?

We do our best to manage Z's television consumption.
Careful choices are made:
  • two cartoons on weekend mornings
  • a movie when we have a babysitter
  • the occasional youtube foray for current interests
    (i.e., whale sharks, surfing dudes, donald duck)
  • any/all of the above when he's ill
Now he feigns illness to achieve viewership. It's funny but of concern.

It's easy enough to see through his dramatic ploy (the Academy Award for best Fever goes to....) but I worry that we're not doing this right.
Our TV is in the basement and is not a part of our daily life.
There is no unsupervised watching.
The goal is to give him enough TV access for fun and immunization.

Your perspectives please?